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holdings in Arkansas,Timberland waterproof boots

The land was sold to an affiliate of the RMK Timberland Group, a division of Birmingham, timberland roll-top boot,
  Ala.-based Regions Bank, Potlatch said Monday in a news release.

The timberland near Prescott is on the westerly and southerly edge of Potlatch's Arkansas land holdings and consists primarily of stands of pre-merchantable timber.

The land sold is about 5.4 percent of Potlatch's holdings in Arkansas,Timberland waterproof boots according to figures provided by the company. After the sale, Potlatch will still own approximately 439,000 acres of timberland in Arkansas, the company said.


Spokane-based Potlatch owns about 1.6 million acres of timberland in Arkansas, Idaho, Minnesota and Wisconsin. In addition to managing the timberland, Potlatch operates wood-products manufacturing facilities.The proposed Timberland Place student housing development on Route157 rolls on.The Edwardsville City Council conducted the first reading of twoordinances to rezone the development site on Tuesday.The city requires that all ordinances be read before returning tocouncil before a final vote is taken unless rules are suspended bycouncil vote.The developer, Place Properties, requested to rezone threesections of the 32.24 acre property: 4.53 acres from B-2 to R-2 and13.03 acres from R-2 and R-1 to Conservation.In addition, the council held a resolution authorizing a specialuse permit for a Planned Unit Development (PUD) for the development. Both ordinances and the resolution were forwarded to the city council by the city's Administrative and Community Service (ACS) Committee, timberland shoes wholesale,
which voted 2 to 1 to recommend the measures.ACS Chair Janet Haroian asked that the PUD resolution be helduntil the ordinances are up for vote.

The council could have voted on the PUD, but it is contingent on the passage of the two ordinances.Place Properties has been working with the city to rezone and establish a PUD for the property on the west side of Route 157 just past Woodland Elementary School.The developer would like to construct a housing development of 114 units and 480 bedrooms and market the development to SIUE students.The property is currently owned by Joe Stevens.But the development has some opposition.Residents north of the property in the Steinmeyer subdivision do not want the development.

And the residents have been vocal.The residents have attended the public hearing on the rezoning and PUD before a joint meeting of the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals in March and the ACS committee meeting last week.At both meetings dozens of resident have stated numerous reasons why they oppose the development.Concerns addressed include: dangers of the shale pit, traffic,crime, proximity to schools, water and sewer, traffic, future entrance into Steinmeyer, light pollution and stormwater, erosion issues and decreased property value.

But the rezoning ordinances and PUD resolution have slid through.The Planning Commission voted 4 yes, 2 no and 2 abstained on the rezoning and PUD.Then, the Zoning Board of Appeals voted 4 yes to 2 no on the PUD.Alderman Wesley Tippit is the only member of the ACS Committee opposed to the development."I believe as an elected city official the city government should listen to the opinion of the taxpayers," Tippit said. "We work for these people."Jeanette Mallon, the alderman who represents Steinmeyer, said she is also opposed.But other council members and the two other members of the ACS Committee, Haroian and Dorothy Hummel, are for it.And that is where the rezoning and PUD will return one last time before they move forward to council for a final vote.Steinmeyer President Debra Rankin said the residents of Steinmeyer have not given up and will be attending the ACS meeting.


Rankin said the subdivision is against the development and opposes the PUD.timberland boots with chain laces,
She and the residents are willing to take whatever development will come without a PUD, even if it is Place Properties.Place Properties Development Manager Trevor Tollett said the company has a plan if the rezoning and PUD are not approved."It will change the plan. The development will be denser," Tollett said. "We could have about 600 bedrooms versus 480 and strip retail."And even if Place Properties decides not to build the property,another developer can build without a public hearing, rezoning or PUD requests.Rankin said the residents are OK with that too.In fact, she said if a regular multi-family development is constructed, yes, there will be students, but there will also be young professionals and families to monitor the situation.

But the city staff recommends the approval of the rezoning and PUD.The city believes the property will be developed and a PUD is the best method to control the development and protect the residents,because a PUD allows the city to limit construction material and thetypes of businesses to be in the business district portion of the timberlands boots mens,

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