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million last year.timberland boots

Reuters reported today that Timberland expects margins to remain under pressure this year as it battles rising product and labor costs.Inaddition to seeing shares plummet 32%, Timberland's quarterly profit missed Wall Street projections for the first time in seven quarters."(Timberland's) miss was pretty shocking,"black timberland boots women,
  said Wall Street Strategies analyst Brian Sozzi. "They surprised the market in terms of how much they are spending on investments."In contrast, DECK saw its net sales increase 31.4 percent to $204.9 million compared to $155.9 million last year. Specifically, UGG brand sales increased 42.2 percent to $148.4 million compared to $104.4 million last year.timberland boots As rumors continue to circulate that the swift growth of UGG will overtake the sales momentum at Timberland, Deckers stock rallies. Thursday alone, Deckers stock hit levels over 4% higher than Wednesday while their competitor plummeted over 32%.

That was the premium paid for Timberland Co. in an acquisition announced Monday. The apparel conglomerate VF Corp. agreed to spend about $1.8 billion for the New Hampshire company - well above what Timberland was trading for last week. Even with the markup, investors view the transaction as a good deal for VF, which already owns North Face, Lee, Nautica, Vans and Wrangler. "Lifestyle brands," such as the hiking-focused Timberland, are seeing faster sales growth, says Sarah Henry, an analyst at Manulife Asset Management.


Jeff Horing, co-founder of Insight Venture Partners, on why U.S. technology investors and software companies are paying more attention to targets in London, Paris and Munich. Europe offers a chance at finding hidden gems in unlikely places - and perhaps billion-dollar success stories such as Skype Technologies, Spotify and Yandex. European governments also are stepping up their support of tech startups. Story on D4.

Frustrated by a slow-loading Web page? The programmers at this week's Velocity conference feel your pain. The three-day event, which gets under way today at the Santa Clara Convention Center, will seek ways to improve Internet performance and make Web operations more efficient. Executives and engineers from Google, Microsoft and Yahoo will speak at the conference.

There was a time when Timberland was an iconic brand.But over the past few years, the brand began to fade into the apparel oblivion.Now the brand is posed for a massive comeback, Phil Wahba of Fortune reports.This, in part, is because the brand is repositioning itself, and in part becauseit was acquired by VF in 2011.VF is behind many successful and iconic brands, including North Face, Lee, Vans, and Jansport.Wahba notes that before the acquisition, the brand's sales were stagnant. Now, Fortune reports, the brand is on track to hit $3.1 billion in revenue 2019.
  So how does the brand plan to do this?

It helps that the brand's core product is sturdy, but the brand is primarily focusing on its identity and target customer,
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Fortune explains. That target customer is quintessentially cool and probably eats local produce.Previously, the brand was lost and trying to appeal to everyone. "The marketing identity crisis ultimately confused consumers, failing to make clear enough what set Timberland apart," Wahba writes.As brands like American Apparel and Abercrombie & Fitch have proven, you can't be everything to everyone. An identity crisis is a fast ticket to retail woes.


Timberland knows this, too. "When you go after lots of consumers, with lots of messages, the odds are higher for a misfire," Timberland brand president Stewart Whitney said to Fortune.Now, the brand is trying to appeal to those who love a ModernTrail.The brand's Instagram bio reads, "the Modern Trail is about everyday adventures, connecting with fellow explorers and sharing what's discovered. Show us your #ModernTrail."The ModernTrail is not the Appalachian Mountain. In fact, it's probably somewhere in Prospect Park or in Portland.The brand is transparent about who it's trying to cater to; its Instagram captures a particular aesthetic and shows off highly filtered, fall-friendly gourds and hipster capital Brooklyn:
But it's a specific breed of hipster that Timberland is catering to: those with cash to burn.Further,
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Timberland is focusing on making the brand more exclusive by selling the shoes in urban locations, versus all over the place."That helps you elevate the brand, and when you elevate the brand, you elevate your selling prices, your margins and your profile," Whitney explained to Fortune.

And while the famous traditional boot is still sold, the brand is selling more fashionable alternatives, too:
  Timberland is also focusing on clothing, Fortune notes. While boots will likely continue be the heartbeat of the brand (footwear accounts for 80% of the business, as Fortune points out), this is still another sector where Timberland can show off its newfound style.
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